Automatic Blinds

Why Automatic Blinds

Automated Blinds are the trend of the time. They are the brand new evolution in the blinds industry and we have taken the opportunity to perfect our craft in making the best possible automated blinds for our clients. Automated Blinds are essential part of a smart home today and even though smart homes were very costly a few years ago also today it has become an affordable commodity that can be availed by virtually anyone.

In a smart home all the elements of the house are connected to either a master remote or a personal assistant device such as Alexa or Google Home. We have created our blinds in accordance to this and we have done the software integration in our blinds that it can be controlled by personal assistants and voice control.

We provide Automated Blinds in many different options such as regular automated blinds or automated roller blinds and many more. Our Blinds are available with various design options and color choices. We also have a custom shop for you to design your own blinds with our professional guidance.


• Automation options available on variety of blinds with different size, shape and design choices also being available.
• Automated Blinds gives user the control to choose when they want the blinds to be open or close giving the maximum amount of natural illumination as well as privacy whenever they require.
• Hands-free controls make it easier to control the blinds even when you are physically away from them.
• Our Automated Blinds can be integrated seamlessly with smart home systems.
• Automated blinds are made in the most energy efficient way possible. It is made to be 100% environment friendly.
• Automated Blinds helps in conserving energy by utilizing the full extent of natural light as possible.

Why Us?

Choose StarBlindz as we have taken our time to research and find the most cost effective solution to automated window blinds as well making it the best quality possible by using premium quality materials to get the best end product for all our clients, we also provide free consultation to you, so we can best help you get the best blinds for your need. We also provide free servicing for all our products as well as free installation and measurements.