Horizontal Blinds

Why Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds are generally used most commonly in offices and other places of professional work. They are used in homes as well in rooms where there is a lot of moisture and heat likely in the bathroom and kitchen as those conditions are not suitable for wood or cloths. As the horizontal blinds are made out of PVC they handle the moisture and heat and do not cause any troubles whatsoever.

Horizontal Blinds are a variety of Roller Blinds as well as they are attached to chain and pulley system that can be used to lower or place the blinds on the window. The blinds are divided into 2 inch slats that can be manually adjusted to allow maximum natural light entry and also total blackout of light.

These blinds are also flexible and are durable for a long time and require little maintenance apart from the occasional dusting or cleaning.


• Resistant to harsh weather conditions such as heat and moisture.
• Provides adequate light diffusion or blocking as well as insulation in winters.
• Has Rollers which helps to put on the blinds and remove them when not required.
• Flexible and can handle rough use with ease.
• Made out of recycled plastic to make our products environment-friendly.
• Has customizable options of being made of other materials as well such as Aluminum, Fabric or Vinyl.
• Can be made into Printed Blinds in the custom shop.

Why Us?

Choose us because we provide Horizontal Blinds at the most budget friendly affordable packages. We also make our products using environment friendly raw materials and recycled plastic to minimize environmental pollution. We provide thorough scrutiny in our product testing to make sure that the products we deliver are the best for the clients and are durable and long lasting. We also provide free installation services for our products to the clients as well as free lifetime servicing for all our blinds.