Triple Blinds

Why Triple Blinds

Triple Blinds as the name says are like three blinds combined into one. They have the features of Printed Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds. Triple blinds or Shangri-La Blinds as they are more popularly known feature a plain perforated cloth material which is used as a first layer of the blinds after which there is the layer that closely resemblance the venetian blinds and they are equipped with the pulley system which add the feature that resembles the roller blinds thus, making it the best three in one product.

Triple Blinds are very stylish and offer considerable light diffusion and it is extremely durable which keeps it immune to the forces of nature. Triple Blinds also offer blackout variants that completely block out the light.

Triple Blinds are good for various purposes mainly it is a very good choice for giving your room an extra serene and calm vibe as the blinds allow the access of air but cuts down on the incoming sunlight making your room seem calm and fresh even in a burning summers day.


• Adds a very modern and elegant atmosphere and vibe to the room.
• Protects you from harmful UV rays of the sunlight.
• Unique in its two-layer design that is helpful in light diffusion as well as complete blackout when required.
• Provides proper privacy as the vanes are made of opaque materials.
• Complete control over the vanes just like any other blinds providing complete illumination as well as total blackout options all available manually.
• Can be made into Automated blinds for remote access to the blinds.

Why Us?

Choose us because of our premium products such as our triple or Shangri-La blinds at affordable and budget prices that can help reshape the aesthetics of your room. Choose us for providing free consultation to help you choose the best blinds for your needs and budget, choose us because we provide custom shop designed products with on time delivery and lifetime free servicing for all our products.