Vertical Blinds

Why Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the epitome of modern aesthetic designs with beautiful, elegant pristine looks. Vertical Blinds are best in places with large Venetian windows. These blinds are perfect for office and workplaces for adding depth and character to the place with proper insulation as well as light control. These blinds, however, can also be used in place homes for the same type of formal and elegant styling that can seamlessly blend in with any décor.

These blinds are made with special PVC material that keeps it from being damaged or lose its beauty over time. These blinds are also easy to clean and maintain and have a long product life. These blinds can also be used as Automated Blinds. These blinds are designed in a way that ensures the room for wind entrance while blocking out the sunlight according to the diffusion percentage of the material.


• Resistant to hot and cold weather without any damage. • Can handle rough or heavy usage without breaking. • It provides a very stylish and chic design to your room. • Long-lasting and does not require regular up keeping other than dusting and cleaning. • Elegant and Classic design able to add character and depth to any room. • Best for large Venetian Windows. • It is customizable in different colors and sunlight diffusion percentages from the Custom Shop. • It can be used in all types of rooms in homes and offices as well.

Why Us?

Choose StarBlindz because we provide the best in class products when it comes to Vertical Blinds. Our products are 100% tried and tested and are made from environment-friendly raw materials that have a long life span and do not require regular maintenance checks. This is why we proudly provide our customers with free servicing for all our products for a lifetime.