Wood & PVC Blinds

Why Wood & PVC Blinds

Shutters have a signature look to them. They carry a certain weight and a vintage flavor with them always that makes them very desirable and truly out of the box in today’s modern trends of designing. They add character and elegance to the room along with the vintage nostalgia. This is mainly the reason why shutters are so popular and today the industry has created two separate variants of the Shutters in different materials for different purposes which are:

Wooden Shutters are the original style of shutters that carry a very vintage and elegant look with it. The exquisite wooden grains on shutters can bring out the character of the room and that is why it is highly popular. However, it does come with some problems like having trouble in changing temperatures, being close to moisture and heat or cold. This can damage the wood and the shutters have a shorter life span in comparison to other options.
This is where PVC comes into the play however, PVC cannot recreate the beauty of wooden textures, it does make up for it by being naturally indestructible as PVC does not get affected by weather or moisture. This also provides a very vintage design in a more modern and aesthetic way which is a great way of presenting the old wine in a new bottle. That is more durable and makes up for the limitations of its predecessors.


• Very aesthetically charming creates a cool vintage vibe. • Adds major character and beauty to the room. • It is very efficient in all types of rooms but is mostly used inside homes. • It can be made of two different materials with their own pros and cons. • Wooden Shutters also come with treated wood which is termite-proof and does it best to fend off in harsh weather conditions. • PVC Shutters are made with eco-friendly materials so that there is no pollution that is caused by them. • Both of them can be used simultaneously in accordance with each other.

Why Us?

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