Zebra Blinds

Why Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are a modern and stylish solution for window blinds as they are a great alternative for classic horizontal blinds. It is also known as Combi Blinds along with Black Out and Non-Black Out options. Zebra blinds are a very good option for any rooms mainly it is suitable or commonly used for bedrooms or drawing rooms, as zebra blinds allow the illumination of the room while protecting the privacy and providing insulation in the winters.

Zebra Blinds are also a version of Roller Blinds and they have their blinds set up in adjustable distances such as 3” or 2” they also come in different variations of light diffusion or outright light-blocking based on different fabric options. Zebra Blinds hence is a great option for indoors and they come in various sizes and design and color choices to make sure that it fits in with the décor of your room.


• Different adjustable options for blind separation length ranging from 3” or 2”.
• Choice of different light diffusion fabrics to get selective amount of illumination inside the room. Even outright blackout of light is available with certain options which are also readily available.
• All the fabric choices provide insulation to keep the room heat stabilized in winter.
• They are a cross between Horizontal Blinds and Roller Blinds featuring the benefits of both while keeping away from their disadvantages.
• Provide easy to use manual rolling system with sturdy hardware which will match the color scheme of your room.
• Premium Quality raw materials and fabrics used to create the most durable and aesthetically beautiful product that helps improve the room looks.

Why Us?

StarBlindz provides a huge range of selections for Zebra Blinds complete with different and custom selections for shape and size of the blinds. We also provide free installation and free measurement for the blinds that you purchase from us and we also provide free lifetime service for all our blinds.